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Next day not fast enough?

Insta-Bond now provides same day electronic registration and bonding in Florida guaranteed.

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Guaranteed service

Complete orders received by 5pm EST are guaranteed next business day delivery or we'll pay any late fees.

Get the Details.

85% of clients say we are faster!

In a client survey, 85% said they registered & bonded sales promotions 3 or more days faster than using the competition.

Welcome - Promotion Sponsors

Your attorney or agency referred you to us because they believe in our services.
Insta-Bond provides a simple, cost-effective, one-stop, online registration and bonding solution. You spend less than 10 minutes entering the information online, then we execute all the paperwork for you, front the regulatory filing fees and perform a thorough review of all your registrations. We'll even file the winners for you free of charge and give you a complete online archive of all your promotions.
There is no charge to Become a Client. Let Insta-Bond save you valuable time and resources in the following ways:

Next Day Service

Insta-Bond guarantees next business day delivery of your promotion registration package, including bonding, if we receive your complete order* by 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time. (For clients outside the continental U.S. and Canada, orders must be received by 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time.)

Same Day Service in Florida

Insta-Bond now guarantees same business day electronic delivery of your promotion registration, including bonding, in Florida if we receive your complete order** by 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Best of all, with Insta-Bond you don't have to do anything different to enjoy same day registration of last minute promotions. Insta-Bond provides you with the same great service using the same online form with no extra cost to you.

Touch the Process One Time

With Insta-Bond, you complete all filing requirements online at one time via our proprietary OneTouch Form, saving you and your clients time and money.

Easier for Your Clients

Insta-Bond's bonding process eliminates the need for your client to execute multiple bond forms for each promotion. We do NOT require a power of attorney from your client. They simply sign one form and fax it back. We have also removed the burden of requesting additional financial information your clients may consider private in order to approve the bonds.

Reduce Errors & Omissions

Insta-Bond's service team takes pride in helping our clients prevent problems by performing a thorough review of every order we process. Our proprietary review process helps you catch errors and discrepancies between the official rules and the registration documents upfront. Our review process has aided our clients in avoiding more errors and fines than any other process in the industry.

Make Changes Easily

With Insta-Bond, changes are a snap. Simply log on to your confidential home page, quickly access the appropriate filing record, update only the items you need, click Submit and you are done. The applicable jurisdictions will have your changes delivered the next business day.

Report Winners Easily

Insta-Bond will remind you when it's time to report winners. Then you just simply log on, enter your winners' information or attach a separate spreadsheet, click Submit and you are done. The required government agencies will have your winners report delivered the next business day as a complimentary value-added service to your registration order at no extra charge to you.

Access Your Information Easily and Securely

You enjoy convenient anytime, anywhere online access to all of your filings processed through Insta-Bond for up to 5 years on our confidential and secure client extranet that meets Entrust rules and winners lists. Feel free to also review our Privacy Policy.

Competitive Fees and Rates

Our process is largely automated and we have aggregated thousands of bonds to get the best surety rates. This means very reasonable service fees and excellent bond rates for you.

Guaranteed Services

We guarantee our services will be delivered complete and on-time as described in our Client Service Agreement. If a registration is late due to an error by Insta-Bond, we will refund our registration service fee and pay all related government fines if any are charged.

* A complete order consists of Insta-Bond's receipt of your online submission of registration information, the final official rules and any necessary surety bond/waiver/trust documents in compliance with the appropriate regulatory requirements.

** Same day electronic Florida filings require a complete order* using Insta-Bond's SpeedeUltimate service and one paragraph surety bond indemnity agreement.